1095-C Tax Forms

1095 Tax Forms are now available in EKU Direct

  • Select Employee Menu
  • Select Tax Forms
  • Select 1095 Employer Provided Health Insurance 

Understanding the 1095 Form PART I

  • Boxes 1-6: Employee demographic information
  • Boxes 7-13: Contact information for the EKU HR Department

Employee Offer and Coverage PART II

  • Box 14 (1st number/letter combination below) 
  • Box16 (2nd number/letter combination below)

1H - 2A = Employee did not work for EKU during these months

 1H - 2B = Months employee worked PT or temporary, not eligible for health insurance

 1E - 2D = Months employee worked prior to health insurance coverage eligible to start

  1E - 2C = Employee covered under EKU Health Insurance

  1E - 2F = Waived EKU health Coverage

For 2 EKU employees, the spouse whose name is NOT on the insurance card will be coded as waived coverage.   
The employee that has the name on the insurance card will be coded as having coverage for members

Covered Individuals PART III

Every person covered on EKU health insurance for 2015 should be listed.

If a social security number (SSN) isn’t listed the date of birth will be listed. (Please notify us with the number, it is required-DO NOT EMAIL YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS).

If you feel there is a discrepancy please contact HR/Benefits. We will research and correct the form as needed.