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Providing employees with a benefits package designed to meet needs of employees and their families, from health, vision, and dental plans to retirement plans and more.


Important Health Coverage Facts

Faculty Benefit Effective Dates

  • Benefits for New Faculty run from August 1st to June 30th in their first year of teaching at EKU.
  • Benefits for non-returning faculty end on June 30th.
    • Non-returning faculty are full-time faculty who teach in the spring semester but do not return for the following fall semester, regardless of if they teach summer school.
    • Benefits for these individuals are paid through June 30th by payroll deductions made throughout the academic year, and coverage terminates on that day if they will not be returning to teach full-time in the fall semester.
  • Returning faculty are covered year-round and pay for all 12 months of benefits through deductions from their 20 pay periods during the academic year.

Benefit end date when employment ends

  • Should you leave employment during the year, your benefits end on the date you terminate employment with EKU.  For example:
    • If you hold a staff position and stop working at EKU on January 12th, your benefits will end on January 12th.
    • If you hold a faculty position and stop working at EKU on November 1st, your benefits will end on November 1st.
  • When you turn in your resignation/notice to leave EKU, please contact your HR Consultant at (859) 622-5094 to receive accurate information regarding your benefit termination, your options to continue coverages under COBRA, and to have your benefit questions answered by an expert.

Deductions for Non-Exempt Employees

  • In months where bi-weekly paid employees receive three (3) paychecks, deductions for insurance coverage (other than healthcare) will not be withheld from one (1) of those paychecks.

See Benefits Guide for more details - Call your HR Consultant with any questions

Employee Benefits

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