Employee Development

Providing training and learning opportunities for effective work performance, quality of worklife, and personal and professional growth of all EKU staff employees.

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Featured Sessions

Civility in the Workplace: Civility is Not Dead! - Think civility is dead? It doesn't have to be! Civility is in every aspect of life, and it's essential for a healthy work/life balance, but there seems to be a gap between how we think we should act and what we actually do. This workshop discusses what may be causing incivility, and the actions we can all take to make sure we practice civility at work and beyond.

Managing Your Emotions When the Pressure is Rising - We all face situations that are stressful, challenge us, and can be emotionally overwhelming. This EAP Session will discuss what happens to us physiologically and physically when we are threatened by stress, why we sometimes act before we think, and how to manage our emotions in difficult, high-pressure moments.

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