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General HR Questions


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How do I submit a name change to HR?

A social security card reflecting your name change must be submitted to the Human Resources Office in Jones 203.

How do I change my address or phone number?

Log into EKU Direct and print the “Information Verification” form located under the “Personal Information” tab. Indicate changes and submit the form to the Human Resources Office in Jones 203.

How do I update my federal or state tax exemption status?

Fill out an updated form: Federal W-4 or State K-4 
Mail to the Payroll Office (Coates CPO 3A). Forms are also available in the Human Resources Office in Jones 203.
Contact a tax advisor if you have questions about claiming exemptions.

How do I set up direct deposit? When will the direct deposit start?

Direct deposit is required for all EKU employees. Initial direct deposit forms must be turned in to the Human Resources Office for setup. Subsequent updates may be made online though EKU Direct or a new direct deposit form may be sent to the Human Resources Office in Jones 203. Account and routing numbers must be included and can be obtained from a voided check or documentation from the bank.

How can I obtain verification of my employment at EKU?

Request for verifications can be faxed to 859-622-6667 or delivered to the HR Office in Jones 203.

I can't log into EKU Direct. How do I reset my EKU Direct PIN number?

If you have forgotten your PIN number contact the Human Resources Office at 859-622-5094.

Questions About Employment

How do I apply for a Job at EKU?

All open applications are available online.
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What is the process for hiring a candidate?

If you are an EKU hiring official, review the OES Hiring Official Guide and Hiring Official FAQ.

When is a copy of my social security card requested?

A copy of your social security card is requested when you complete your new employee paperwork, to comply with Federal tax reporting procedures.

How are new employees scheduled into New Employee Orientation?

The Human Resources Office schedules new employees for the next available orientation date (held every other Tuesday). For the exact time, please refer to your welcome letter or contact your Human Resources Consultant.
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Questions About Benefits, Retirement & Wellness

How do I make changes to my medical benefits?

Changes may be made during open enrollment, within 30 days of your original hire date, or in the event of a qualifying event (birth or adoption of child, marriage, divorce or legal separation, dependent loss or gain of other coverage). Change forms may be mailed to Coates CPO 24A or delivered to the Human Resources Benefits Office in Jones 106.
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How do I request a donation of time from the sick bank?

Sick Bank forms are available online or may be picked up from the Human Resources Office and then turned in to the Benefits Office. If approved by the Sick Bank Committee, you will be notified by the Benefits Office and time will be entered into the system immediately. You should continue to submit your time card indicating the appropriate sick hours.
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What is the Wellness Program available for EKU employees?

All EKU employees are encouraged to participate in the wellness program. 
Find out more about wellness on campus and Healthy YOU! at EKU

Questions About Employee Development

What training opportunities does Human Resources provide?

The Human Resources Office provides a variety of development opportunities for effective work performance, quality of work life, and personal and professional growth. Human Resources also provides customized training and development upon request and based upon University needs.
Visit the EKU Employee Development page

What is the Staff Development Fund?

The Staff Development Fund provides matching funding for eligible staff to participate in professional development events/activities that support individual and University development. 
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