Staff Internal Pay Equity Program

(Staff IPEP)

Eastern Kentucky University (hereinafter the "University") has adopted the Eastern Kentucky University Staff Internal Pay Equity Program (hereinafter the "Staff IPEP"), effective January 1, 2014, (hereinafter the "Effective Date").  This program is part of a three-pronged, multi-year Comprehensive Compensation Program aimed at reviewing and possibly adjusting pay for staff positions at EKU in order to attract high-quality employees to the University, retain existing high performing employees, and motivate employees through the use of performance based pay measures.

This Staff IPEP outlines the procedures to be used in phase two of the Comprehensive Compensation Program.  These procedures will include reviewing and awarding pay adjustments deemed necessary to achieve some level of internal pay equity in identified multi-incumbent Positions at the University as well as developing and implementing a step-in-grade compensation plan.  The level of internal equity to be achieved will be determined as part of the review process.


Staff Internal Pay Equity Program Manual

Staff IPEP Summary

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January 2014 Staff IPEP Update

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