Strategic Reallocation Programs

The Voluntary Buyout Program (VBP), Staff Reduction in Force Program (Staff RIF), and the Enhanced Retirement Transition Program (ERTP), have been established, effective March 20, 2013, to assist the University in addressing budgetary constraints due to declining state appropriations and potential budget reductions in the forthcoming fiscal years.  All of these programs provide a unique opportunity to adjust the University's financial and human resources to meet the University's strategic plan goals and state mandates for recruiting, retention, and growth of the University.

A Strategic Budget Reallocation Task Force was appointed and is responsible for drafting and recommending the VBP, Staff RIF, and ERTP to the President.  The VBP, Staff RIF, and ERTP are being implemented at the direction of the President with approval of the Board of Regents. 

EKU Board of Regents Resolutions 3-19-13

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