Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance (UI) provides temporary income payment to replace a portion of the wages lost by those who are unemployed through no fault of their own and are available for work. UI applies to temporary and regular workers.

Types of employees not covered include

  • Eastern Kentucky University students enrolled and regularly attending classes.
  • A spouse of an Eastern Kentucky University student enrolled and regularly attending classes.
  • Eastern Kentucky University students in full-time programs taken for credit that combine academic instruction with work experience.

An individual must be unemployed and meet the following requirements to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

  • Physically able to work
  • Available for work
  • Registered for work with the Employment Security Commission
  • Actively seeking work
  • Totally or partially unemployed for a waiting period of one week

An individual is disqualified for unemployment insurance benefits if he/she

  • Resigned voluntarily without good cause
  • Was discharged for misconduct connected with work
  • Did not apply, without good cause, for suitable work when so directed by the Employment Security Commission (ESC)
  • Did not accept, without good cause, suitable work when offered

Individuals on leave without pay generally are not eligible for benefits. Services in instructional, research, or principal administrative capacities do not receive benefits for the period between two successive academic years or during a paid sabbatical provided for in the individual's contract. Also, if the individual has a contract or contracts to perform services between successive academic years or terms. UI benefits are not paid.

After a waiting period, an eligible claimant receives weekly benefits. The benefits vary according to wages earned during a base period and are available for a prescribed number of weeks (up to 26, normally).